our mission

IT TREND DG goal is to design, create, integrate and manage highly complex and technologically innovative projects in the most efficient and successful manner.
As a specialized IT turnkey supplier IT TREND DG is dedicated to the clients.
Large or small and scale projects, private and public, local and international, IT TREND DG has the answer.
Standards, frameworks and methodologies, requirements gathering methodologies (Mind Marq), and the most effective Software Development Life Cycle methodologies are all tailored specifically to meet project needs.

Our Governance and Staff

IT TREND DG is led by Carlo Di Principe, CEO and a senior project director, with more than 18 years of experience in hardware and software architecture.
Specializes in System Integration Mr. Di Principe ha established over the years a vast network of connections around the globe, mainly in the EMEA and Far East area.
Mr. Di Principe has the knowledge and the experience combined.
With years of consulting and countless project CEO has led IT TREND DG to an international success story, forming global alliances and partnerships.
Even as the CEO is involved in most of IT TREND DG oroject and believes that this is the key to maintain the high level serive that IT TREND DG clients are accustomed to.
IT TREND DG business consultants and technology specialist are chosen carefully – our employees and consultants offer a wide range of skills from development, testing, amd project managemnt, to consulting ad IT strategy. All holding a science or engineering- based Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees along with multiple IT certifications.
As a work methodology for each project a specialized work team is formed in order to gain the best solution in the shortest time possible. From short consultancy engagements to mayor system integration and development project  IT TREND DG team will be able to help companies and organizations generate value from their information technology investment.